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Pittsburgh, PA


Creative Writing for the Bold and Curious

Flashbang! Writing Studio leads creative writing classes for high school and middle school students. But these aren't your everyday creative writing exercises: we use Twitter to write poetry and turn ordinary events into stories with wings. Flashbang! is located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh but also hosts classes at cultural institutions throughout the city of Pittsburgh. 

Writing Classes for the Bold & Curious

Flashbang! Writing Studio leads creative writing workshops for high school and middle school students. Specializing in the offbeat and up-to-the-minute, we help our students write stories with wings and teeth, compose poems based on reality TV and their Twitter feeds, and master that delicate alchemy of turning words into worlds—all while engaging them in deep readings of complex texts and refining their mastery of grammar and mechanics. Flashbang! Writing Studio is based out of the North Hills of Pittsburgh and hosts classes throughout the city. Check out what we have to offer and learn why Pittsburgh Magazine named us Best in the 'Burgh