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Twitter as a tool for poetry

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

We here at Flashbang! are interested in making poetry part of the everyday person's everyday life. So what better way to get people thinking about poetry than to tweet it to them. Actually, wait, I do know a better way: ask those everyday people to tweet the poetry themselves. 

To that end, we asked our friends to help us write a collaborative poem using twitter. The rules were pretty simple: tweet a single line of a poem titled "The Renegade Mermaid" using the hasthag #TheRenegadeMermaid. Then we set a time limit, politely asked our friends (a few times and a few times more) to tweet us a line, and waited. At the end of the weekend, we retweeted the lines from the Flashbang! Twitter account. And what we had was a poem about the saddest mermaid, written by just shy of a dozen of our friends.

Check back here at the blog and over at our Twitter feed if you, too, want to participate in our shenanigans. I'm thinking through our next collaborative poem already . . .