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NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt 23: Viral Poems

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Difficulty Level: 4/5

Being the technically savvy people you are, we assume you have heard of Vines. They’re 6-second video snippets that loop over and over and over. We've noticed that the finest Vines function like perfect lines of poetry.

And, look, this is a safe for school blog, but I gotta point you here: Eyebrows on Fleek. It is most definitely not safe for school, but it is undeniably poetic.

So, this prompt is a little tricky. You’ve got to come up with a line you can say in six seconds. And that line has to hold up to endless loops—it should get funnier each timeor weirder. Then you gotta film it. As you think of how to film it, consider whether you want to film yourself or a friend reciting your line of poetry or whether the words will be a voiceover with an accompanying moving image. Don't forget to post ‘em and send us the links.

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