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NaPoWriMo Poems by Us #1: The Domestic, The Poet by Sarah

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

The Domestic, The Poet

Married to a ghost
--I stole his heart--
I write my a** off.
It's too awesome
for words, 
but I find them anyway
on clipboards
in books
on the clean sheets
in the linen closet:
a domestic, a poet.

I share romantic 
hotels, set upon
adventures with deer
with baboons
with valley frogs
with mountain eagles.
I ride piggyback on 
goats climbing sheer cliffs.

In other words,
I remember all
the brownies they ate
without permission,
I remember all 
the fellows,
all the mercy,
the inferno
of uncertainty
and the tiny microwave
and the sweaty lack of air.

I'm getting all verklempt,
remembering you all,
our junior Latin clubs
and word nerdy necklaces,
spelling out 
cur tu me molestas?
with the scrabble tiles
at Saturnalia. 

We are family,
cousins of cousins
stepcousins and inlaws,
grandparents and parents,
poets and poets and poets.
We eat fajitas in the darkness,
we beat the baboons back,
we remember band camp
for what it really was,
playing our clarinets
for strangers, for each other,
for hour after hour.

And it's a pretty giant favor
you all just did for me,
from my bigwheel 
in the back yard
to your words on my screen.

Written after NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #2: Tell Me Who I Am, Facebook! Huge thanks to my many friends who commented on my facebook post to tell me how we met.