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NaPoWriMo Poems by You #1: Welcome to Society by Tailah Abdul-Rahim

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Welcome to society,
We hope you enjoy your stay,
And please feel free to be yourself,
As long as it's in the right way,
Make sure you love your body,
Not too much or we'll tear you down,
We'll bully you for smiling,
And then wonder why you frown,
We'll tell you that you're worthless,
That you shouldn't make a sound,
And then cry with the others,
As you're buried in the ground,
You can fall in love with anyone,
As long as it's who we choose,
And we'll let you have your own opinions,
But please shape them to our view,
Welcome to society,
We promise that we won't deceive,
And one more rule since you're here,
There's no way you can leave.

by Tailah Abdul-Rahim, Age 15 

Read more about this public domain photo  here . 

Read more about this public domain photo here

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