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NaPoWriMo Prompt 13: Video Poemz

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Difficulty Level 5/5

Admitted: you probably won't be pulling this off in one day. But we want so very badly to see video poems become an internet-devouring phenomenon that we had to make them a prompt.

Your task today is to write a poem and then--using your smartphone, camcorder (does anyone have those anymore?), GoPro, dSLR and whatever video processing software you know and love--turn it into a video. Think of the video poem like a music video; they're pretty much the same thing. I've combed the archives of MotionPoems and The Poetry Storehouse and found something close the perfect video poem. 

This is "Penelopiad" by Jade Anouka (warning! there is one not-so-safe-for-school word in here):

(poem embedded here with permission of the poet. Check out her website and follow her on twitter at @jadeanouka.)

Here are a couple questions to consider when planning out your video poem. Do you want to record your poem separately from your images and use it as a voiceover? Or do you want to film yourself or someone else performing it? Do you want to include any music with your poem? What imagery would best complement your poem? Should it be a literal enactment of the poem or should it be a symbolic representation of your poem? 

Write it. Film it. Upload it to Vimeo or YouTube. And please oh please send a link to us at Jeff and Sarah will be making one of these this month, too, so stay tuned to the blog to see what we come up with. 

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