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NaPoWriMo Poems by Us #3: X-Files Abecedarian by Jeff

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Sometimes, the silly thing you have in your head falls right out onto the page. Here's my abecedarian:


You remember that
X-Files episode
Where the two
Very attractive leads (whose names I am
Unable to come up with right now)
Travel back in time
(Scully and Mulder—of course!)
Ready to put the hurt to
Quite a number of
Outhouses containing
Not one but two
Malicious tongues the size of doors
Licking every
Kid who needs to avail him or herself of the pre-modern
I love that one. I…
Holy crap. Could it be that I dreamed that?
Great. I haven’t been
Feeling well and I obviously shouldn’t have
Eaten those 3 pancakes the size of
Dinner plates so
Close to going to
Bed. I
Am just going to sit here in the dark awhile.