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NaPoWriMo Poems by Us #4: For Willa, a haibun by Sarah

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

A poem for my daughter, after NaPoWriMo Prompt 8: Hello Haibun

For Willa

This day is cool but warming. She puts one glittering sneaker in front of the other; I hold her hand. Around the wood rectangle, balance and topple on the edge of the raised bed. Around around again. The sun now on our backs, spreading past the buds and branches. We listen to the woodpecker tattoo a neighbor’s tree for grubs. Hear the woodpecker? I ask. She raises a finger.

mommy hear it
hear it mommy

Tomorrow we sit again, outside, squatting on the wood frame of the bed. Woodpecker hear it? Mommy? There is only the rustle of last fall’s leaves. Woodpecker is the setting sun. Woodpecker is together. Woodpecker the pulse of early spring.

the woodpecker's
telegraphed code
here we're here