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NaPoWriMo Poems by You #8: What I Love to Do Every Day by Siddiqa Nisar

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

"Bathroom" by Bob Miller. Courtesy  Flickr  and a  Creative Commons License .

"Bathroom" by Bob Miller. Courtesy Flickr and a Creative Commons License.

What I love to Do Every Day

In Pakistan rooster was my Azan
Every morning
Now my app rings with Azan
An app calling me to pray
5 o’clock in the morning

In my room it’s dark
Birds are the only voices I can hear
I go to the bathroom to prepare to pray
I wash
My hands
My face
My arms
Wet my hair
And wash my feet

I lay out my prayer rug to the east
And stand on it to begin the prayer,
Words that I memorized by heart

I feel differently when I don’t pray
Like I’m forgetting something

After I pray I lay out my hands
Asking Allah to help and guide me
When I’m done talking to Allah
My hands move over my face
In Allah blessing

by Siddiqa Nisar, age 16

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