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NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt 3: Poem as Meme

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Difficulty Level 3/5

Perhaps you've noticed the popularity of memes on the internet these days. A meme is an image with text superimposed on it. The text and the image comment on each other, usually ironically, as in this meme skewering high school teachers:

image from  Know Your Meme .

image from Know Your Meme.

Poets of the internet have taken to using this internet-specific language, combining art and words to create a new species of poem, the image macro. Check out this poem from Internet Poetry (warning: not everything over there is safe for school):

wander [wonder] by g@br13l on Internet Poetry

wander [wonder] by g@br13l on Internet Poetry

Notice how the poem and the words relate to each other, giving us a complete picture of the "Birdsong Meadow," with flying whales, nymphs, and a landscape lit by a fiery sunset. 

In some image macros, the words are "spoken" by a person in the picture. In others, a gif animates their meaning. Sometimes, image macros are nothing more than a screenshot of a conversation. Whatever they are, though, the picture and the words work together to tell a story and create a mood. 

Your task today is to create your own image macro. Find a picture--or better yet take one. Write a sentence or a few lines that comment on it. And then use this image editor (or your favorite image editing software) to unite your words and image.

Did you come up with a good one? Send it to us for possible publication on the blog at If you used someone else's photo, please include a credit including a link to the original source.

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