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NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt 25: A is for . . . Asp?

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Difficulty Level 1/5

Today’s prompt comes to us courtesy of this sweet little flipbook Sarah picked up at a teacher supply store many years ago:

Today we're writing pages out of a kid's alphabet book. Sarah "created a page from an ABC book about a panda who loves his drum." NB: The panda didn't come from the flipbook, though, he is an actual stuffed animal Sarah's dad bought in China in the 1908s and brought home as a souvenir:

And there you have it: your task it write an alphabet book page about a subject of your choice. You could use one of the options in the gif above for your subject (S is for sandwich . . . or B is for bug . . . ) or choose your own. Try this username generator if—here at the end of NaPoWriMo—you’re running out of ideas. Your alphabet book page could rhyme, use alliteration, center around an elaborate simile, or only reference your subject obliquely. You could write it for an audience of kids (which is harder than it sounds, be forewarned) or for your peers. However the mood strikes you, run with it. Lastly, as this is an alphabet book page, you also must have an illustration. You can take a photo, like Sarah did, draw your own picture, or find an appropriate picture online or in a book. Here's that online image editor we used for making meme poems, just in case you want to use it again. 

Send us your alphabet book pages (and please include the source for your illustration if someone other than you created it) to

Join us in person in Pittsburgh on Sunday April 26th at the East End Book Exchange for the Poem-A-Thon Write-In and Reading. We will be writing poems for donations on our old typewriters at 3pm, and at 4pm you are welcome to read your poem(s) as part of the Poem-A-Thon celebratory reading.