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NaPoWriMo Poem by You #14: Oh Gosh, That Rug by Hannah Gauntner

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Oh Gosh, That Rug (After Erin Belieu's The Hideous Chair)

Oh gosh,
That rug,
Where do I begin?

Such an old,
Repulsive rug.

Coated with obnoxiously untasteful colors,
But forcing your eyes to remain
Glued to its hideous self.

Its edges frayed,
Ruined from what remains of the
Aged, red duct tape

Probably part of a mass production of carpets,
Or perhaps carefully made
By choice.

A purchase from years ago,
Without a second thought,
But now showing genius

With how it holds
The room together.
A centerpiece, if you will.

Creating such a quaint,
Homey feel.
But oh that pattern…

Like a never ending maze
That my eyes follow,
But find no point.

Such an atrocious sight…
It keeps me so captivated.

Oh gosh,
That rug.
I only wish

That I can own such a rug
To hold my room together.

by Hannah Gauntner, age 18