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Poems by Us #7: The Dragon-Ray by Sarah

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

We had our Poem-A-Thon just yesterday here in Pittsburgh, and we typed poems for donations. Memorable poems include one about a diamond-hard blue stegosaurus and a strange journey through philosophy via a red panda. One of our donors is a lover of science fiction and fantasy. Here is the poem I wrote for her, based on our conversation about science fiction and how it reflects our own world.

Untitled image by xersti . Rotated 270 degrees. Courtesy of a  Creative Commons License.  

Untitled image by xersti. Rotated 270 degrees. Courtesy of a Creative Commons License. 

The Dragon-Ray

In these viole(n)t waters
the dragon-ray swims. This
is no harbor for the upright
and armored knight. He will
rust shut, trapped in his small
world of barnacles and oxidation.
Let the dragon-ray churn and
shine. He admires his reflection.
He is a reflection of the new.