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NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt 28: It's Alive!

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Difficulty Level 2/5

Pop culture is filled with toys coming to life. Kids’ books and movies—and horror movies, notably. Just to refresh your memory a little, there’s Corduroy, a teddy bear who lives in a department store and spends a night searching for his missing button:

There’s the Velveteen Rabbit, a book that made us cry as small children with its portrait of what makes a toy "real":

And on the other end of the spectrum, there is the horror of Chucky, a doll who is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. No screenshots for Chucky, because that movie still freaks Jeff out and we are an all-ages blog. 

Your task today is write a poem about a toy that comes to life. Your toy may be lonely, like Corduroy or the Velveteen Rabbit. Your toy may be living a secret life, hidden from the world of people, like the toys of the “Toy Story” trilogy. Your toy could be a sinister force in the world, using its cuteness to disguise its ill intentions. Your toy could be possessed, a la Chucky. 

As you write your poem, you may want to use some of the techniques we talked about in the dramatic monologue prompt to structure the narrative of your poem. You may also want to revisit the monster poems we wrote to decide whether you tell the poem from your toy’s point of view or in the third-person, looking at the toy from a (safe?) distance.

Send us your toy poems at Take a picture of your toy, too, if you can. 

Update: See Sarah's response to this prompt here