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NaPoWriMo Poem by You #16: Hate Poem (After Julie Sheehan) by Ricky Taylor

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

After the excellent run of poems working from "The Hideous Chair," we've got an homage to Julie Sheehan's "Hate Poem," which is an awesome poem. This homage is pretty great, too.

Hate Poem (After Julie Sheehan)

I hate you truly. Truly I do.
There are infinite reasons for why I hate you.
The beating of my heart hates you.
The way I can’t catch my breath hates you.
The notes of our song that means nothing hate you.
Every pore that absorbs your glow hates you.

Quick! Look! I. Hate. You.

Your glint of hazel, as you gaze into my blue, it hates you.
That smirk you do hates you too.
The silent looks before the nothing and emptiness hate you.
The unreturned text messages love you.

The sudden interest in my closest friend, the sudden
betrayal, hates you.
My inability to move on to better hates you.
The ease at which I readily give in hates you.
My fear of losing what I never had to begin with hates you.
How I’d give everything and nothing returned hates you.
My sleepless nights, hoping for that chance, hate you.

Every thought I’ve ever had hates you.
The perfect me, in my perfect view of my
perfect world, still hates you.
And how I fell without you as my net hates you.

by Ricky Taylor, age 18