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NaPoWriMo Poem by You #21: Can We Change? by Ciarra Robinson

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

Can We Change?

Every where I look there is hate, hate, hate. Everyone seems to make it the big debate. Isn't it hard to live with such a sick thing? Why must we kill each other? When will we let freedom ring?
Mothers, fathers, kids, brothers, aren't we all people? Is it so hard to be fully equal? Such a sinful world that we all share but when will we mend each other's hearts and break this horrible trend? Will we even live in peace? Maybe when brutality isn't okay for the police. We're slowly killing our own species. Honestly, what will we teach our next generation and the one after that? That it is okay to love each other? Except for when you're black.

by Ciarra Robinson, age 16



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