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Best of the 'Burgh Party: A Collaborative Poem

Sarah and Jeff Boyle

We had a great time meeting everyone and typing poems to order at Pittsburgh Magazine's Best of the 'Burgh Party last night. Here is the Exquisite Corpse you helped us write. Thank you to everyone who participated. It has been edited slightly.

Space Dog!

Space Dog!

An Effort Collaborative

The dog shot into space on a ship called
A Happiness Gained Without Effort

Silly lips tried alternate grass dreaming blows!
And the cows came home!
And the wicked man embraced science!
He shouted toward the sky EUREKA!

Now there was nothing left to do but impart to the next generation truths horrible and unspeakable
Will occur tonight but they are they memories that
Will be extraordinary not ordinary or maybe just a fluke?
Like his head, round as a coconut?

A head always in the clouds, rarely in the ground
A smile attached, bright as a sun
Teeth like Hines Ward, impossibly shining
One tooth grew an elephant’s trunk, picked crocuses, symbol
Of a community’s collective eye squinting into the distance